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    Tin is a key component in the production of bronze, and the ancient greeks knew the british isles as the Cassiterides, named after the tin ore cassiterite which was mined there, one of the few sources of tin in the ancient world, tin called cassiteros by the indo-europeans, greeks among them, that language of the Elishans who were progeny of Iawan (Javan) a son of Iapeti (Japeth) a son of Deucalion (Noah).

    The ancient god Tin of the Etruscans would later be known as Jupiter by the Romans who eventually subsumed the sophisticated Etruscans, so there is the connection, Japheth was a master of tin metallurgy, his name for the mineral recorded by the legendary Pelasgians (who were of the line of Shem), that name Jupiter later memorializing Japheth as a god by the Etruscans who clearly were ancient Pelasgians from the region of Troy, having begun to migrate to Italy after the ice age had ended, and certainly see more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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