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    Watching Glenn Beck’s show the other day, during a commercial break, I noticed Chuck and Gena Norris advocating for the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, spearheading the successful drive to teach the Bible as valuable ancient literature and history to our kids in the public schools, certainly a novel concept, considering the darwinists would have you believe that the old testament including Genesis was written by ignorant iron age israeli shepherds circa 600 b.c., while it’s demonstrated that all but the first six days of the creation in Genesis was recorded by eyewitnesses, the ancient records proven cuneiform having been passed down to Moses for edition and redaction at the time the ice age ended.

    The website advocated by Norris is http://bibleintheschools.net; they have thus far succeeded in over 2,000 high schools in 38 states now rightly treating the Bible as a great sourcebook for ancient history, the text demonstrably true even back to Noah’s Flood and the prediluvial world before it, surely moving the students into science, so why would the darwinists now fear the science since they say they have science on their side?  Does not debate on these issues seem in order, and will that not intellectually stimulate the students to weigh the evidence under analysis?

    When you realize facts such as that the construct of the big bang theory, because of gravitational time dilation, actually necessitates a young universe, and that the ice age could have been only caused by the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood, then the Bible becomes not far-fetched at all to the honest skeptic, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for a great overview of biblical history from a scientific perspective, supplementary for those parents helped by  http://bibleintheschools.net.  Let’s get in there and do our part,  encouraging some intellectually honest debate which certainly would be a refreshing change.

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