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    The origin of the ancient name Maya is a mystery to run-of-the-mill mesoamerican anthropologists, yet the ancient greeks wrote of Maya, a daughter of the legendary Atlas, and so we can see the mayan connection to Atlantis, however denied by mainstream scientists, until forced to face the facts that the ancients sailed all over the world during the so-called bronze age, when the sea level was much lower too, that was during the ice age, hard for the darwinists to admit, yet proven with the anciently submerged megalithic ruins found all around the world, for instance off Bimini islands on the Bahama Banks, which no doubt had been a western outpost of the atlantean empire, a coastal empire linked by navigation during the ice age, which ended much later than we’re being told.

    If you google the fine book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, you’ll find unexplainable medieval maps of uncanny accuracy for that time because apparently sourced from maps drawn during the ice age, that’s Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles Hapgood, the source maps having been drawn actually around 2000 b.c., about 4,000 years ago, when such as Abraham, Nimrod, and Canaan, his son Sidon (also known as Posidon), and his son Atlas, with daughter Maya, were influencing the course of history in the post-Flood world, it was an amazing time, during the ice age which was caused by the dense cloudcover after the Flood, because the ocean was warmer then, it’s hydrology 101.

    In addition to the Maya connection across the ocean, the letters a-t-l (in the word Atlantic for instance) meant water in the language of the ancient seafaring Canaanites, it’s very instructive that the Aztec sea god’s name Atlanteotl was passed down from the more ancient Mayans, who had said they had arrived from across the eastern ocean, the Atlantic ocean, not down from the Bering Land Bridge as the darwinists would have us believe, which is yet another travesty of the education systems’ biased curriculu, but with Chuck Norris at http://bibleintheschools.net and others, we can get things done.  And refer for much more information here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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