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    John McCain’s Running Mate Sarah Palin for Teaching both Creation Science and Darwinian Evolution in Public Schools is not Violation of Separation of Church and State for Well Rounded Education for Analytical Skill Development in her Children Darwinists Fear Scrutiny by Creation Science Advocates of Theory of Natural Selection within Syngameons of Animals Veep Pick Sarah Palin Seeks Truth through Intellectual Inquiry not Regurgitation of Darwinian Materialist Dogma

    Republican veep selection Sarah Palin believes scientific theories should be examined and questioned where need be, in seeking scientific truth, so the mainstream media is all up-in-arms now because Palin questions the veracity of darwinian theory (that goo morphed into you), as does well over half of all Americans, who see that the idea that swamp muck somehow (supposedly) morphed into humans over time is probably a stretch at best, not denying natural selection, evolution per se, within syngameons (interfertile groups of “species”), but denying that bugs morhped into fish, then lizards, then rats, then tree shrews, then apes, and then humans, or whatever is the chain of “evolutionary forbearers” de jour in the world of darwinian academics.

    None deny that natural selection occurs; for instance, lions, tigers, and leopards, can interbreed, proving that they came from common ancestors, members of one syngameon, which naturally selected over time, “evolving” to become those “species” of cats, rendering species actually a meaningless term, indicating that the “species” are just subdivisions of interbreeding groups, syngameons, within which hybridization of species is practical, because they are of the respective gene pool, the syngameon of that animal.

    Darwinian dogmatics say that creationists don’t believe in evolution, and so, should be deemed crazy, however, as you’ve seen, creationists do believe in evolution per se, limited however to natural selection within ancestral gene pools, scientifically valid; cats cannot mate with dogs, nor alligators with fish, because they are not of the same syngameons, groups of interbreeding “species” which must have come from the respective original stocks of the syngameons, perhaps only 20,000 or so syngameons in the animal world.

    This is the type of inquiry and analysis in which Sarah Palin sees no problem.  What’s wrong with looking at the biological origins question not within the greatly discredited rubric of darwinian thought?  Creationists believe in evolution per se, so what’s the big whoop?  The darwinian evolutionary model does not hold up to scrutiny in the minds of most people, so what’s wrong with looking at a model which actually makes more sense?  Checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, for some food for thought, as other models are being considered for the origin of the earth and universe other than the lockstep darwinian dogam coming from our colleges, universities, and high schools.

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