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    Our kids are taught in the public schools that the ocean has trangressed and regressed on-and-off the continents many times through hundreds of millions of years for the buildup of the sedimentary geologic record which we see on the continents, but if that were true, then there should be ancient river valleys within the geologic column which would have been subsequently infilled with sediments, according to the obviously flawed theory of uniformitarian geology which was deliberately designed to comport with darwinism, yet the sedimentary layers reveal no such ancient river valleys subsequently infilled; the geologic record reflects one flood, the flood noted by over six hundred ancient people groups now scattered around the world, the global cataclysm of Noah’s day.

    So how did Noah’s Flood cover (for instance) the Himalaya mountains?  It didn’t, the mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood while the ocean basins were deepening to recieve the floodwater off the continents after the ultimate flood had completely covered the earth for five months.  Because of plate tectonics (rapid movement of the crustal plates of the earth), the supercontinent Pangea before the flood broke apart during the flood, the tectonic plates having moved to essentially there present locations within that flood year when the midoceanic ridges were providing most of the water for the flood, the fountains of the deep, which shot into the sky for the biblical forty days and nights of rain until the water had deepened to carburate the supersonic venting of steam high into the air early in the flood.

    Get your pen out and write this down, for the compelling geology of the biblical deluge in more detail, cetainly refer to the website http://globalflood.org, and for the fossil record from this biblical perspective, be sure to study in depth http://detectingdesign.com, great fodder for debate with your darwinist friends, perhaps leading them to believe that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, what a novel concept, who would think that God would not lie in the book of Genesis too?!  And checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see the world as it was during the ice age, which followed Noah’s Flood, that ocean water was warmer then, think about it.

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