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    Did you ever wonder how the ocean got up on the continents to lay down the vast sedimentary layers usaully stacked like pancakes and grading into each other across the landmasses?  Our kids are taught in the public schools that the ocean has risen and subsided on and off the continents many times through geologic history, yet how do they explain the reason the ocean rose to cover much of the continents, and then receded, many times through hundreds of millions of years?  Was the ocean bottom pushed up to surge ocean water onto the continents, or did the continents sink to recieve the inflooding ocean?  Mainstream scientists and educators don’t venture conjecture about this because they have no explanation, yet the biblical model makes sense of it all, anathema to the darwinists, their paradigm now questioned and proven wrong from all angles.

    The flood water covered the earth once, leaving behind the vast sedimentary layers with billions of creatures entombed  therein when the water slid off the thickened continents into the then deepening ocean basins, as the mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood.  So be sure to inspect this website, http://globalflood.org, seeing that geology which makes sense in a catastrophic context, not at all what’s taught in the schools, but since this model makes much more sense, then why is it eschewed?  It’s because it’s biblical, and the darwinists for obvious reasons can’t have that, but have it they will, as we disseminate this material far and wide, with your help, through such as http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, where you’ll see what the geography of the world was during the ice age which followed Noah’s Flood, the ice age having ended circa 1500 b.c.

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