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    Who was the legendary map man Atlas, said to have held the world on his shoulders, and how does he fit into the biblical timeline?  Plato said that Atlas, the namesake of Atlantis and the Atlas Mountains, was a son of Poseidon, the mediterranean and eastern Atlantic sea god, who with the mathematician and astronomer Atlas’ daughter Maya sailed across the ocean as Plato recounted in his Atlantis story, but when did this really happen, was the bronze age really circa 9600 b.c.?

    Plato describes bronze age ships, architecture and metallurgy in the Atlantis story, so obviously his 9600 b.c. date was mistaken, and so then by how much?  The submerged megalithic ruins found throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic also bespeak so-called bronze age construction, and that my friends puts the end of the ice age at circa 1500 b.c., when the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt coincidentally manifested.

    This trans mediterranean and atlantic connection by seafaring can be proven with the letters a-t-l in the word Atlas; the proof is that those three letters a-t-l meant water from ancient Canaan, the homeland of the ice age Sidonians, whose father Sidon was (yes) Posidon, all the way to the Americas where the sound a-t-l meant water in the Mexicans’ ancient homeland’s name, Atlan.

    It was a small world, held figuratively on Atlas’ shoulders, who really ‘though figuratively controlled the earth by his ability to measure it, and so, accurately map the whole world for global seafaring to exploit the mineral resources, profiting handsomely from it, most notably having exploited the wealth of the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains of southern Spain, the richest mining region for the Atlanteans, and so too for the rest of the world.  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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