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    Why are christian preachers afraid to defend Genesis as it reads?  When is the last time you heard a big name preacher boldly proclaim the reasons that Genesis history is really quite believable?  Never?  I agree.  Quite strange wouldn’t you say?  After all, the skeptics say that since the book of Genesis can’t be believed, then why believe the rest of the Bible?  So does it not make sense that preachers would bend over backwards explaining the reasons that Genesis is demonstrably real history?  Yet they shyly gloss over that most ancient history in holy writ, saying perhaps that science trumps Genesis which was written by the scientifically unsophisticated long ago, or pleading that such discussion is above their paygrade.

    Yet still Genesis history is really easy to understand; for instance that only a warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood could have caused the ice age, and that the big bang’s gravitational time dilation dictates a young universe, and the great number of submerged bronze age ruins worldwide proving that the ice age ended much later than we’re being told, so there is no excuse for these preachers not to simply explain the solid reasons that the Genesis template actually makes sense of it all, while the darwinian paradigm falls short on so many levels that it pales next to the biblical model when honestly analyzed.  Refer your pastors and teachers to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see a great overview of the science and history of the Bible, really easily explained when just a little time is taken.

    It’s ridiculous that these pastors ignore the easy proofs for Genesis, so what are they thinking about?  Don’t they know that the enemies of the Bible primarily attack Genesis as its achille’s heel, the weak link they think, yet the proofs for Genesis are inumerable and really easy to explain, the pastors have no excuse, and so, the onus is on them to begin ardently advocating the science and history supporting Genesis, after all, Jesus is the Word they will say, but is not Genesis also part of the Word, the foundational book actually upon which rests all of the text of the Bible?  And if real history doesn’t begin in Genesis, then where does it begin?  The continuity of the Bible must be seen and understood.

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