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    Sarah Palin Global Warming Creation Science Lesson Landfall Location Hurricane Gustav and Hanna Reduce Global Warming Eye of Storm Sucks Hot Air off Ocean Surface then Land like Giant Vent Hurricane Gustav and Hanna are Negative Feedback Mechanism against Global Warming Teaching Ice Age Caused by Geothermally Warmer Oceans

    Sarah Palin’s creation science teaches that hurricanes are giant vents which suck hot summertime air off the warmer surface of the tropical seas, vented up toward the frigid stratosphere through the storms’ eyes, and when the hurricanes reach shore, they suck hot air from the landsurface, further cooling down the lower atmosphere, reducing global warming; a negative feedback mechanism within the hydrologic cylce, it’s hydro logic. 

    Warmer oceans cause huge rainstorms (hurricanes), which is increased rainfall because of greater evaporation off the warmer summertime tropical seas, so does it not make sense that during the Ice Age, warmer oceans, all around the world, caused greater evaporation to then cause much more cloudcover worldwide than today, and so then, provided the engine for all that precipitation during the Ice Age?  The much greater precipitation fell out as snow in the extreme latitudes and higher elevations, and as rain in the middle latitudes and along the coastal sections of the ice age shorelines in the more extreme latitudes, where the millions of wooly mammoths lived along the shores of the arctic ocean during the Ice Age, for instance, and only explainable by warmer oceans, paradoxically, during the Ice Age, and that warmer water was because of geothermal heating, through fissures in the ocean floor, not by atmospheric heating, because atmospheric heating would have set up the negative feedback mechanism which we see with hurricanes Gustav and Hanna, now cooling the lower atmosphere back down.

    This is hydrology 101, some of the material considered by creation scientists, which explains the cause of the Ice Age, and that hurricanes and other types of stormfronts come from warm oceans, the engine for the preciptation we now receive, which pales compared to the volumes of rainfall and snowfall which fell during the Ice Age, when the sea was warmer worldwide, paradoxically.

    And another interesting tidbit from creation science is how the ancients actually surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza by the apparent movement of the stars because of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, realizing that creation science is not bad science, as it explains much which mainstream science cannot, this is why Sarah Palin is attracted to it.

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