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    When you countback and note the names in the generations preceding Abraham in the Bible (the ten generations after Noah of global flood fame), you’ll see the oldest names of ancient Black Sea history such as Gomer, or Cimmer, namesake of the Cimmerians, progeny of Japheth, and a grandson of Japheth through Gomer, Ashkenaz, namesake of the Askaniya region of the Ukraine, and then there’s Rhodan, his progeny the Rhodanim of Genesis 10, the ancient River Rhode named after him, that historic river which had flowed down from the Black Sea to the Aegean in ancient times according to the roman historian Pliny, now the Dardanelles (Dardanus) and Bosporus Strait connecting the world ocean to the Black Sea, connected to the Black Sea since the sea level rose with the end of the ice age when the world ocean crept up that river.

    My compadre in our documentary Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, ukrainian scientist and evangelist Sergei Golovin, gave me a book about the Black Sea which states that russian scientists call the old shoreline from ice age times now submerged in the Black Sea the Cimmerian Shoreline, at least a subconscious yet serendipitous admission that the sea level rose in the time of the flourishing of the Cimmerian tribe in the region circa 2000 b.c., the ice age’s end begun right around 1500 b.c., just before the timeframe of Theseus, Cecrops, and Erectheus as Plato wrote, it was the flood of Ogyges of ancient greek lore, Plato had the date wrong, having listened to the historically creative egyptian priests through Solon.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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