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    A greek patriarch Javan, mentioned as such in even my old college textbook, yet a son of Japheth (son of Noah), was known to the ancient greeks as Iawan or Ion, namesake of the Ionians, one of the great seafaring tribes of the Mediterranean, along with the Rhodanim, also of Javan, the Rhodopi mountains and the River Rhode (which Pliny noted as having flowed from the ice age black sea basin when the world ocean’s level was much lower), these namesakes, with the island of Rhodes.

    And another son of Javan was Tarshish, agreed by all to have sailed and settled as far west as southern Spain, later known as Tartessos, and Chittim was the namesake of Citium, a bronze age city on the Island of Kupros (which means copper), the copper island, Cyprus, all very coherent in the biblical context, but a source of great confusion to the anti biblicists who would believe none of the Bible if it were possible.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, noting too that Elisha was namesake of the the Elysians, also some of the first to what would later be known as Greece (after the Graikos tribe).

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