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    Tuesday Sarah Palin Movie Film Debut Premier Pella Iowa Straw Poll Caucus Campus Ames First Run The Undefeated Biography Barack Obama Visit Alcoa Factory Plant Bettendorf Iowa Same Day Sarah Palin Movie Campaign Strategy Presidential Nomination 2012 Never Been Beaten Run Win Defeat Democrats Iowa Fall Campaign Schedule Education Plan

    Sarah Palin will attend the premier of her new movie The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa, on Tuesday, the same day president Obama will be touting his grand economic recovery plans at the Alcoa plant down-the-road in Bettendorf, soon-to-be presidential candidate Palin, the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room once again, will take the limelight away from even the president, Palin no doubt on her away to soon announce her candidacy for the republican nomination, with the Ames Iowa Straw Poll just on the horizon for Aug. 13, Palin by then surely in the race, of course unless this is just a bizarre hoax.

    The movie title The Undefeated plants the seed that Sarah Palin has never been beaten, implying that should she seek the nomination, it’s to win, with history surely on her side, the one who can beat Barack Obama because of her strong policy positions and dazzling charisma.  The ladies who otherwise would support her will just have to get over Palin’s good looks and super-mom performances in life, she’s good for the country, the one Team Obama fears most, although they will insinuate that she is just a joke (laughing at their own peril as millions are now realizing).

    Palin the christian can be a great force for public education as president promoting a balanced approach to the treatment and teaching of ancient history to our children, and science clearly therewith coming into play with carbon 14 dates analyzed, learning that those dates are questionable (see http://globalflood.org), and so, the timeline of human history promoted by the darwinists is demonstrably exaggerated, the biblical template for ancient history actually far surpassing that imagined by the darwinists, but let’s let the kids decide, would that not be academic freedom with intellectual honesty, or are the darwinists afraid to debate the issues, such as that their term species is meaningless?  Read more from the biblical template here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and let’s hope Sarah Palin will manifest her faith in action as president.

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