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    Chris Matthews’ Reaction Comments Release The Undefeated Sarah Barracuda Palin Movie Premiere Tuesday June 28th Iowa Primary Effect Pella Opera House Dates Openings AMC Theatres Screenings Jan Crawford CBS News Script Sarah Palin Commentary Candidacy Inevitable Advisors CRC Public Relations Announcement Ten Cities Viewing AMC Schedule July 15th Sarah Palin Iowa Caucus Straw Poll Impact Timing Barack Obama Visit Bettendorf Iowa

    Jan Crawford of CBS news viewed Sarah Palin’s movie The Undefeated, saying after it that the tone of the movie is “Sarah Palin’s candidacy is inevitable,” so we shall see, the movie opening in ten big cities July 15th, and the Ames Iowa Straw Poll only a month after that.  The first public showing of the movie will be this Tuesday June 28th in Iowa at the small-town Pella Opera House, Ms. Palin to be in attendance there with all the world watching, and Obama’s visit that same day to Iowa promoting his economic plans sure to look quite irrelevant now (why they’ve called her Sarah Barracuda since high school).

    Can you see Chris Matthews’ head spinning if Sarah Palin announces her candidacy and shoots to the lead in the polls?  He would begin to squeal “flat earther bible thumper!”  But Chris, get a grip, refute the material here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and then move on to read here http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, and also please read here http://globalflood.org, then talk about it on the air, and let’s get this thing going oh wild-eyed liberal.  Chris likes intellectual honesty he says, so what a great opportunity to air it all out, Chris?

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