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    According to the biblical Table of Nations, the Ibero River of southern Spain, flowing mostly southwest out of the mineral rich Sierra Morena mountains, almost certainly was named after the shemite Eber (namesake too of that iberian peninsula, the nesos of Plato’s story) during the ice age, when what would be known as Atlantis was thriving there, named after the legendary Atlas, who in the real biblical context was a grandson of Canaan, with Atlas’ father Sidon, known as Posidon to those ancient ancestor-worshippers of the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic.

    The Guadalquiver River flowing also southwest from the Sierra Morenas into the Gulf of Cadiz, about 200 km east of the Ibero, was anciently known as the Tartessos River, that kingdom known as Tarshish, who was a great grandson of Japheth (son of Noah), and whose father, Elisha, was the progenitor of the Hellenes of Greece, his father and grandfather of Tarshish having been Javan/Iawan (ancient greek pronunciation), namesake of the Ionians.  So how can the darwinists and their allies in archaeology say this is all not so, particularly after having absorbed the material here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com?

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