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    Some of the earliest evidence of stone building in Greece is predictably on the shallow seafloor because the constructions were submerged when the ice age ended, submerged sites such as Psathoura and Pavlopetri, but what freaks out the mainstream archaeologists is that those submerged ruins are clearly bronze age, massive squared blocks often of cyclopean dimension, cyclopean from the pelasgian word cyclopice (the cyclops of Homer), buillt by pelasgians of Peleg, beginning five generations after Noah, during the ice age.

    No doubt some of the now submerged ruins were built too by the biblical tribe of Elisha, namesake of Hellas, and the Elysian Fields, the western paradise Atlantis, that empire helped founded by Elisha’s son Tarshish, who had sailed far to the west, namesake of the Tarsis River of Spain, now known as the Guadalquiver flowing of the the mineral rich Sierra Morean mountains, the mother lode of copper, gold, and tin, for the metallurgical needs of the atlantean empire.

    The father of Elishah and grandfather of Tarshish was Javan, Iawan in the greek pronunciation, namesake of the ionians, who undoubtedly also participated in the building of the now submerged structures, only three generations from Noah, during the ice age, which could have been cause by only a paradoxically warmer ocean, heated geothermally, think about it, and see a great overview here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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