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    Hiber Iber Ibero Biblical Eber Semitic Heber Family Sons Joktan Peleg Espana Etymology Latin Namesake Same Iberian Peninsula Nesos Island Plato’s Atlantis Language Groups Bronze Age Metallurgy Atlantean Empire Southern Plain Spain Sierra Morena Range

    Of course Espana is the latin-derived name for Spain, but what of Iberia, the more ancient name (by almost two thousand years) of that very large peninsula anciently mined for gold, tin, and copper?  Iber was the biblical Heber, father of of Peleg and Joktan, and the Rio Tinto river was first named for him, the Iber river, and the people there, the Ibero, the most ancient in that region, along with the Tartessians who were of Tarshish, the remains of their capital now represented with the ruins of the megalithic sun temple found beneath Seville on the upper reaches of the Guadalquiver river, anciently known as the Tarsis river.

    Of course Sidon’s son Atlas during classical greek times was rightly seen as being the namesake of this rich mining and global maritime empire, Atlantis, its port cities now submerged off the coasts of Spain, Morocco, and actually too, Algeria, Libya, Malta, and Italy, as Plato did indeed write that Atlantis extended as far as the Tyrhenian Sea (Italy) and Libya, therefore obviously, the ice age ended much later than we’re being told by the darwinists who dominated studies of ancient history, so refer please regularly to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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