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    With presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s apparent attempt to hide her purported migraine headache problems from the public, her judgment (not to mention her physical readiness) to serve as president therefore now in question, the way is set for Sarah Palin to enter and push aside Ms. Bachmann and Mitt Romney for the republican nomination.  Romney and Palin would be the only real contenders for the nomination with Bachmann aside, because if Rick Perry also enters the race, real tea partiers will vote Palin, while Perry will essentially just be able to fight for the left wing of the party with Romney, splitting the Romney vote, paving the way to the nomination for Ms. Palin, who I hear has been studying (as has been Perry) foreign policy and international trade structures, not what non-candidates would be doing, wouldn’t you say?

    If Palin enters the race, her supporters should be prepared for the “flat-earther” jeers because of her belief that the Bible is accurate history, even having the audacity to believe that God says what he means in the book of Genesis, you know, the one with the Ark of Noah, the global flood, the ice age after that flood, it all adds up when you honestly analyze the evidence such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, so I hope Palin too is equipped with the knowledge which will silence even her most intelligent and hostile detractors, she can make monkeys out of them if she chooses to digest and present this material, with even Darwin’s term species meaningless (google syngameons species Noah’s Flood), not at all what the darwinists who really fear the Bible want to talk about, just ask!

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