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    Obama in two short years has raised the national debt (owed to lenders) from about 9 trillion to 14 trillion dollars, so “the big plan” to cut 4 trillion dollars over ten years (400 billion per year) is really the bare minimum for what would alter the current arch toward the downgrade by the ratings agencies of american debt owed, thus raising our interest rates, perhaps dramatically, which would put the finishing touches on the economy.

    Of course Obama would spend even more, wants higher taxes to pay for it, but that would extract more money out of the private sector which could employ more people, and now the impasse on Capitol Hill.  It seems inevitable that interest rates and/or inflation (monetizing the debt) will rise significantly soon, neither a recipe for recovery, as the only way out is significant cuts, and voting down Obamacare after the 2012 elections.

    There’s a great new tv ad out for Spenditol (spend it all!), the new drug for spending addiction, aimed at Obama and the democrats in congress by the Concerned Women for America, led by Penny Nance, good show, it’s a funny ad!  Check it out, congratulate them, good job, and request that they promote intellectual honesty in the classroom, run this by them, http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, sure to flummox the darwinists.

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