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    Who was the original Hercules?  The legendary name was ancient in the Gibraltar region by the time of the later Hercules who helped crew Jason’s ship Argo in the aegean and black seas (and the post ice age lake tritonis of north Africa) just before the Trojan War.  The more ancient Hercules of the Atlas region was the great strongman of etruscan legend halfway between Greece and Spain in Italy, the etruscan name for him Hercle.  Greek letters were used to write the “unknown” etruscan language, that language actually a form of Pelasgian, like the language written on the Lemnos Tablets of the aegean, the language of Homer.

    So when the Etruscans (pelasgians) began to move into Italy circa 1200 b.c., they no doubt were aware of Jason’s Hercules from their ancient homeland to the east, and may have been somewhat surprised that Hercle/Hercules had already been a legendary ancestor of the Tartessians for a millennia, clearly a different Hercle, probably just the pelasgian name for Atlas, a grandson of Canaan, the Pelasgians having been great early settlers in the ice age world along with the canaanites, hiberians (Heber), and ionians (Javan).  Be sure to understand the big picture of all this at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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