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    How did John the Revelator (in the book of Revelation) know that far in the future, people all over the world would watch an event at the same time?  Predicted and recorded two thousand years ago is that two jewish witnesses for Jesus Christ will preach in Jerusalem, then be killed, and then resurrected, all for the whole world to see; obviously by satellite tv, cell phone, etc., you can’t make that stuff up, John had to have known by revelation, that all the world would be focused on Jerusalem when the Antichrist will be attempting to dominate all humanity, as have several in the past.  But those ancients such as Nimrod, the first tyrant, attempted only what has been called the known world at their times, for instance Alexander the Great, who couldn’t though conquer India which was in fact known to him, defeated him, however, these days the domination of the whole world truly possible because of advancement of technology.

    Since the time of Nimrod, men have sought dominance over all they could see and obtain by deception if necessary, and yet now, for the first time, the fiend Antichrist will have the tools to make a legitimate effort for global dominance (the results of which of course are laid out in the book of Revelation), with tv cameras from all over the world soon to be zoomed in on Jerusalem for the predicted at the end of the Bible, very interesting times in which we live all would agree, and very understandable when you realize that all of the Bible is true, even the first book of Genesis, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and use it to convince you friends and associates to heed the future history so wonderfully predicted in the Bible, the Word of God, really unassaible when honestly analyzed.

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