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    The pole star changes with time because of the the rate of the slow wobble of the the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, nice round base six numbers, 72 years and 360 degrees, that design of God so that the ancients could measure and thereby accurately map the earth during the ice age when the source maps for the “anomalous” medieval (before Colombus) “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” (Hapgood) were drawn.  Such as Gavin Menzies and Charles Hapgood have labored over how could have the ancient navigators measured longitude (east-west distances) with the great accuracy reflected in maps such as the Waldseemuller and Piri Reis, not to mention the witness of those coastlines by the ice age mariners, yet the answer has been available for over five years, read to understand article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com.

    So the legendary seafaring of the pelasgians, sidonians, atlanteans, hindus, iberians, and the Ships of Tarshish, is rendered sensible by the method explained in the link; a no brainer as they say, yet the darwinists refuse to acknowledge this clear ancient underpinning of the word geometry, meaning earth measure, because this fool proof mapping method and the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings demonstrate that they were sailing around the world during the ice age, which obviously too ended much later than the darwinists are willing to admit, but the submerged bronze age stone ruins found in many parts of the world belie there contention that the ice age ended circa 10000 b.c., the evidence indicating actually at around 1500 b.c., made clear when you digest the information at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Venezuela was named after Venus, the Carians having brought that name from across the Atlantic, and the old name for Rio de Janeiro was Carioca, so you get the picture.  The Americos tribe of Venezuela was actually the namesake of America, probably rooted in the Armoricani of Brittany of France noted by the romans, and Brazil was named after the Breasil clan of Galway, with evidence of the phoenicians and hebrews all over the Americas too, so it’s obvious that the western hemisphere was not settled exclusively by clans having walked across the bering land bridge from Asia during the ice age as the darwinists ignorantly opine, the ancients were navigators par excellence, does it not all make sense?

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