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    The logic of the work of judaists Simcha Jacobovici and Richard Freund on their National Geographic documentary that Tarshish was the same empire of southern Spain as Atlantis conforms with the history in their Torah, young earth creationism really, because the judaists believe Genesis as it reads (except that Elohim is really plural), so Atlantis went under and the region of southern Spain became more known then as Tarshish, Tartessus, its ruins under Seville (with all those minerals upstream).  The city of Atlantis is actually submerged deep offshore maybe thirty miles south of Cadiz, ‘though Jacobovici and Freund say the city is now in shallow water, consumed by a tsunami circa 500 b.c., that notion clearly absurd ‘though because tsunamis don’t cause the sea level to rise permanently, only for a few hours.  Reality check.

    Does it not make much more sense to you that the sea level rose circa 1500 b.c. when the ice age actually ended?  Afterall, there are submerged megalithic ruins throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (and elsewhere see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com), not because of tsunamis of course, but by the prodigous rise of sea level for a century or so at the end of the ice age, when Atlantis, Yarmuta and old Byblos off Lebanon, Heraklion and Menouthis off Egypt, and many more, all bronze age vintage, became seafloor ruins from the ice age, many megalithic in scale, begun built circa 2200 b.c., their development then for about 700 years, the generative period for empires such as Atlantis.

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