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    Do you really think that Atlas, Posidon, and Chronos, the map man, the navigator, and the time measuring god, were just figments of some greeks’ imaginations on a red wine hangover or something?  We all know the ancients were big on ancestor worship, particularly of those who lived much longer, such as the assyrians’ Asshur, the canaanites’ Canaan, and the also-biblical Rama of the Rama empire (the indus valley civilization), so who were those greek navigators and mappers of their ancient lore associated with Plato’s Atlantis and other historical accounts?

    Posidon just means ‘the source’ Sidon, who was a son of Canaan, the ruins of Sidon’s city now on the shallow seafloor near modern day Sour, and Chronos was the phoenician Kronus (against Nus), the bibical Ham really, who rebelled to supposedly castrate Noah/Nereus (‘though had just seen and mocked his father’s drunken nakedness), but the dice had been cast, Canaan (Chronos’ youngest son) was cursed, so I doubt his life was all that pleasant, his kingdom however which prospered on a material level for quite some time until Joshua arrived for the certain destruction of the atrocious canaanites circa 1400 b.c., who were the first inhabitants of the Holy Land, yet not forever.

    Atlas the map man and Chronos the time man had skills interrelated, adding to their historical veracity, they measured time and distance by the stars, according to the earth’s precession rate, it’s wobble rate which is 72 years/degree, base six, very convenient for hexagonal azimuthal mapping demonstrated with such as the Piri Reis Map, the source maps of which were drawn in ancient days, showing accurately even the coastlines of Antarctica, as it was early during the ice age (after Noah’s Flood), even the mountains of Antartica not yet covered by snow, so really quite amazing.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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