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    With the waves washing through New York City from hurricane Irene this morning, you know the left wing cocktail party crowd of the Upper East Side this week will be blaming the damage on global warming, time to cue a sophomoric fat-faced (too many chicken-fried steaks?) Al Gore rant against evil industry I guess, another great youtube moment in the making, so then but does Algore really have a point?  On a micro level, he does have a point (but not that industry causes it); all hurricanes are caused by global warming, when the equatorial Atlantic ocean surface temperatures off the coast of Africa are the warmest, this time of year, when evaporation off those waters cause the big hurricanes.

    The point is that the effect of real global warming by surges of output of heat from the sun is to cause more evaporation off the world’s oceans, which creates more cloudcover (and rain) to cool the atmosphere back down again, the negative feedback loop mechanism in the hyrdologic cycle which tempers vagaries of the sun’s ouptut, rather well designed wouldn’t you say?  And that was the cause of the ice age, for all that cloudcover for all that snow and rain, by a warmer ocean, but heated from below that the negative feedback mechanism of today’s world was not in place until the engine for the ice age, a warmer ocean heated from below, was out of gas so to speak by about 1500 b.c. with then catastrophic climate change and the submergence of about twenty five millions square miles of low lying real estate then roughly a thousand years after Noah’s Flood (see http://globalflood.org).

    The runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood having caused the heating of the oceans could actually be loosely related to the output of big hurricanes such as Irene today, for if the midoceanic ridge, a plate separation zone near the coast of equatorial Africa is producing more heat, that too could add to the sea surface temperatures there, all these notions plainly not considered by the global warming crowd, because it shows they really don’t care to be informed, just alarmist, at the expense of the jobs of millions of Americans who could be working with Drill Here Drill Now.  Please read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com about genesis history confirmed by science and archaeology, so why doubt the Bible if you can believe the veracity of its first book?  Please discuss.

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