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    Have you ever heard the mainstream press discuss the effect of the increased earthquake activity worldwide on climate change?  Of course not, because it’s not manmade, and so no interest to them for their propaganda, yet billowing clouds of volcanic steam, other gasses, and volcanic debris, do cause temporary increases of cloudcover to block the sun, so then too, what of oceanic volcanism, on the seafloor, how does that affect the climate worldwide?

    The tectonic plates of the earth in some places are slowly separating, much at the rift zones between oceanic plates where heat from the mantle below is emitted into the ocean, so with more heat in the oceans from more global seismologic activity, for instance at the rift zone off west Africa where hurricanes are spawned in the Atlantic, we could expect more activity, but is the rift zone there more active than normal?  Would somebody please send Al Gore down there to find out?

    The sun’s output surges from time to time, real global warming, ongoing for millenia, yet always assuaged by more cloudcover by evaporation off the oceans (such as for hurricanes) which cools this place God’s green earth back down, so fear such as Al Gore more than climate change, the creator has a feedback loop mechanism in the hydrologic cycle to handle it, yet the ice age having been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below by Noah’s Flood, then the ice age civilizations which followed, read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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