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    Are you really a racist american if you want secure national borders for safety and the protection of our citizens’ job opportunities, and school choice for low income families so their great kids too can attend schools superior to the public schools which are lagging oh so far behind, and are you really a racist american if you support little Israel’s defense against the islamic hordes which surround her and deny her right to exist?  These are major positions of tea party people, so what black american for these goals can say the tea partiers are racist?

    Tea party people stand for greater opportunity for all americans, we’ll call it social justice, but the constitutional way, by allowing that individuals utilize their property, energy, and skills to better themselves and their families, without meddling government bureaucrats heaping tons of impedious paper work upon them, thus stifling many business plans no doubt for fear of more regulations and taxes from Team Obama and the other progressives who seem to will that only government and large corporations would survive in the future.

    So blacks, browns, whites, who voted for Obama, do you want to see America slide further into weakness and irrelevance under Obama’s strange management?  Do you really want everybody taking government checks wriiten on a currency which will continue to inflate (for less purchasing power) as we print much more money to pay for Obama’s foolish spending?  If blacks can’t get past what appears to be their own racism in continuing to support such an abject failure as Obama, then we really do have serious problems, but keep the faith, pray much, and refer too please here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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