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    Big bang theorists of the creation (notice they don’t call it the accident), who are never young earth creationists, will tell you that matter expanded out in the beginning during the so-called big bang, they then ‘though will expediently yet disingenuously allow the notion that the matter of the universe is limitless, as if it had no beginning point at all, because if they righly would not allow the notion that the matter of the universe is limitless, then they’d have to admit gravitational time dilation during the rapid expansion and evolution of matter as it coelesced, the big bang theory, but with the contradiction brought to light and corrected thus comporting with biblical young earth creationism.  Oh the horror!

    With all matter having begun from a center, there is an outer boundary, probably heaven and fourth dimension matters with which to deal beyond it, yet almost all scientists agree that matter began with a rapid high energy expansion from a beginning point, the big bang, then with that boundary, so time and the speed of light during the rapid  expansion was greatly accelerated, gravitational time dilation according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity.  Rick Perry should cite this information in his defense of the biblical history which so rankles the bibliophobes in science and the media, because with other good information such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, bible believers can silence the scientific critics, leaving only the spiritual dissenters to deal with it.

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