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    Have you watched the cowardly christian pastors squirm when asked about Noah’s Flood and the six thousand year old earth and universe indicated in the book of Genesis?  It’s a bibliophobe’s dream to watch the ignorant pastors equivocate and even deny the clear history recorded in Genesis (see article #13 at http://genesisveracity.com), because after all, if you can’t believe the first book of the Bible, its foundational book, then why believe the rest of the Bible, right?

    Jesus spoke of the actual global encompassing flood, so these pastors are calling Jesus a liar about history, wouldn’t want to be in that boat, but they do, out of ignorance or cowardice or both, a real shame, yet it’s not too late if they’d just pull their confused heads out of the sand to defend the scriptures, what they profess to be holy, yet run roughshod over for all the world to see, playing into the bibliophobes’ game plan.

    And now really when you think about it, the pastors (almost all of them) who deny or refuse to talk about Genesis as real history are bibliophobes too, intimidated by darwinian science and “the fact” that the earth and universe are supposedly much older than six thousand years, they dance around the issue, dancing from Genesis, denying that the Word (Jesus) says what he does say in that written word, clear to any child reading the passages, yet “mysterious” to those who claim high intellectual and spiritual sophistication, what a travesty.

    The cowardly pastors speak with confidence about the shemites, hamites, and japhethites who spread all over the globe after Babel, yet deny that they were of the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood when only eight humans survived.  The Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is demonstrably valid, yet the pastors act as if there was no global flood after which the geneologies ensued, denial for expediency to not appear “a flat earther.”  Yet we all know that the world is not flat, a strawman label seeing http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and so too did Noah, Shem, Japheth, and Ham, who founded the ice age civilizations after the flood.

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