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    Disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton (on O’ Reilly’s show tonight) said the u.s. national debt, now 15 trillion dollars, should be “flushed down the toilet;” sweet Bill, who’s obviously a big advocate of the bibliophobic global communists’ plot to monetize the u.s. natonal debt for us to fall into world government, one of the darwinists’ best dreams.

    Oxford Bubba Bill obviously doesn’t care about America, and Hillary is worse, so keep them in mind for a photo-op on the beaches of Texas telling Rick Perry that he’s dead wrong about the Fed debasing the u.s. currency.  Just print more money, right?  Do you want America, or do you want the North American Union?  Think about it, and remember that Allah (the pre-islam arabic moon god) and Muhammed thought that all would submit, yet see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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