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    Now commonly accepted is that there are submerged ruins of ancient cities in many parts of the world, most of them in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, obviously submerged since the end of the ice age, so the big question is when really did the ice age actually end in order to have submerged those coastal kingdoms and their stone block buildings?

    Bibliophobic alternative archaeologists say that such megalithic building began over 12,000 years ago to explain the presence of the seafloor ruins within the darwinian timeline for the ice age and its end, yet almost all archaeologists and anthropologists, also subscribing to darwinism, say that such megalithic building began only about 4,500 years ago, so rather than logically infer that the ice age ended much later than we are being told, the bibliophobic alternative archaeologists such as Graham Hancock and David Hatcher Childress are forced to say that the mainstream archaeologists are wrong about the beginning of megalithic building by over 7,000 years; such great confusion and controversy over all this, the dirty little secret amongst the bibliophobes in science.

    So since the ice age could have been caused only by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and because Noah’s Flood, the cause of that warmer ocean for the ice age, occurred about 4,500 years ago according to the Bible, then that the ice age actually ended circa 1500 b.c. at the time of the Exodus makes much sense, to the chagrin of the darwinists, and among them the alternative archaeologists who refuse to embrace the obvious, that the biblical timeline truly makes sense of it all.  Checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and be sure to discuss with your friends and other associates.

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