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    No doubt mormonism is a cult from a christian perspective, because the Book of Mormon is an add-on to the canonized text of the Bible, the book of the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) recorded by the apostle John the final book of christian holy scripure, and because the mormon church teaches that Jesus is a created being, not part of the Trinity (Elohim), as well as because it’s a fact that white supremicism is inherent to the teachings of Joseph Smith, the ancient record for his teachings ostensibly from a guy named Mormon, four hundred years after Jesus’ incarnation.  The cultic Smith wrote that the more advanced supposed white Jaredites and Nephites were eventually subdued by the dark-skinned and backward Lamanites in the Americas over two thousand years ago, when indeed (and before then) people were settling the Americas (named after the Americos of Brittany) by sea, certainly anathema to darwinism.

    Mormonism obviously makes a mockery of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, which should be a red flag for all those christians interested in real human history (see http://ldolphin.org/cooper/contents.html), and mormonism does not address the age of the universe and earth (see http://globalflood.org), not to mention that humans and “dinosaurs” have coexisted for millenia, for instance Daniel and the dragon Bel (checkout http://genesispark.com/genpark/history/history.htm), therefore pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, and other christian leaders around the world, should be urged to address these issues, certain to help prove to the skeptics that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, scorned by the darwinists, mormons, and all others who do not believe that Jesus Christ really is the author of human history, and the savior of all who would believe in him.  For a great overview of earth history, be sure to see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, old school man.

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