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    Have you noticed how the mainstream media is having a hard time digesting the fact that a black man, Herman Cain, is rapidly rising in popularity among the supposedly red-neck and racist people of the Tea Party movement?  Browsing through the New York Times Sunday edition today, I didn’t see mention of him, even in an article about the republican front-runners in their race for the 2012 nomination, Cain now probably running second ahead of Rick Perry, whom we on the conservative side (and liberals) here in Texas call Governor Zoolander (with nice hair and impressive poses).  He’s weak against illegal immigration, and with a record of catering to the global governace crowd, republican primary voters should be very wary of this guy, really almost the antithesis in certianly many ways of what Mr. Herman Cain stands for.

    Cain says that because through prayer and great work by doctors, he has beaten cancer, so he figures that such a wonderful reprieve for his longer life now should not be wasted on a golf course somewhere, so now to be used to help this country which he loves get out of these tough times brought on by who might be the other black (or half white) man in the race, Barack Hussein Obama, thus creating a real problem for most black voters who previously had bought into president Obama’s and the other democrats’ tax and spend solutions ostensibly to create a strong private sector economy, what a joke compared to Mr. Cain’s thoughtful 999 Plan which will lower payroll taxes on the working poor by 40%, and will encourage saving and investment, what the economy needs, not more big government spending boondoggles from the current president.

    Mitt Romney is now again rightly beleaguered by the insight of southern baptist leader and pastor Robert Jeffress that Romney’s mormonism is a cult (not to mention his liberal in conservative’s clothing pedigree), almost surely to sink Romney’s ship in the southern states during the primary season,  It’s really now down to Governor Zoolander (Perry) and Herman Cain, as the writing is on the wall, and the mainstream press knows it, so why are they so reluctant to give Cain his proper due?  Could it be that’s because they really have racist tendencies, unless the “black man” is a flaming liberal progressive seemingly bent on the economic destruction of America like Barack Hussein Obama?  Are the liberals really for racial equality, or only for those of other “races” who are of the liberal bent?  You be the judge.

    And by the way, the term “race” is a concept of darwinism, implying that the “races” of the humankind are subspecies in competition, the “survival of the fittest” among them, which ‘though is obviously ridiculous because many people such as president Obama are genetic blends of so-called races, so should we refer to our current president as a hybrid?  Of course not, he like the rest of us are part of the human syngameon, the created human kind, as Darwin’s term species is in reality meaningless, for instance camels and llamas can interbreed, lions and tigers too, those of their respective syngameons, creatures of unique and finite gene pools within which “hybridization” is a reality.  Do you see how destructive darwinism can be?  Have not genocides occurred rationalized as the “survival of the fittest?”  Think about it.

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