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    William Ryan and Walter Pitman of Columbia University have theorized that the world ocean rose when the ice age ended to connect to what had been a huge inland lake, now the Black Sea, with the heavier saltwater at depth in that huge body of water, and the freshwater from the rivers flowing in on top of the water column there in that sea.  They theorized that the infilling occurred circa 5600 b.c., about 5,000 years after the ice age ended (at circa 10000 b.c.) according to their darwinian timeline, the ostensibly delayed infilling because of a supposed geologic barrier which eventually was breached, that hypothetical barrier having held out the seawater for thousands of years, demonstrably not valid ‘though.

    But the roman historian Pliny wrote that in very ancient times, the River Rhode had flowed down from the Black Sea basin into the Aegean sea, which is and was part of the world ocean, therefore obviously speaking of the ancient time when the black sea basin held a great inland lake, that was during the ice age, so clearly the valley of that ancient River Rhode is now the Strait of the Bosporus and Dardanelles, the clue to the timing then of the world ocean to the Black Sea basin in those names, of Dardan, or Dardanus, who lived circa 1300 b.c., and the Rhodanim of Genesis 10 in the Bible, three generations from Japheth (who was a son of Noah), the namesake of the Island of Rhodes (an island since the end of the ice age) and the Rhodopi mountains of nearby Bulgaria.

    What a great hollywood movie this would make, with computer graphic animation to show the change of geography and climate at that time when the ice age was ending for the sea level to have risen as it did, surely a time of great trauma in the ancient world when coastal cities of trade were consumed by the sea, known as the Flood of Ogyges to the ancient greeks, however, this flood not factored into Plato’s timing for the end of Atlantis (and the submergence of much of Greece too), greek Plato’s story ‘though really comporting with the 1500 b.c. timeframe, he having written of the bronze age weaponry, naval fleets, and megalithic building certainly not characteristic of “9,000 years before Solon’s time.”

    And so then what caused the ice age really?  All you need know is that for all that snowfall and rainfall (in the middle latitudes and lower elevations), there must have been certainly much more water in the atmosphere, according to hydrology 101, that must have been only by a much greater rate of evaporation off the world ocean, heated from below, geothermally, the hint for that in the book of Genesis, the fountains of the great deep which was the source of the water for Noah’s Flood.  See the dynamics of the global flood of Noah’s time and the flaws in the mainstream scientific radioisotope rock-dating methods at http://globalflood.org, and go to http://scienceandapologetics.org for a look at how the biblical model is making great inroads in the publics’ thinking of the ancient history of the Black Sea, referring to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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