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    Did you know that volcanos and the flatulents from animals produce much more CO2 every year worldwide than does all human industry combined (thus rendering the “global warming” movement ridiculous)?  Global warming does in fact occur when solar output increases from time to time because of solar flares and sun spots, but that just increases the surface sea temperatures of the oceans which in turn increases the evaporation rate for the formation of more clouds (for shade and rain) which therefore cools back down the atmosphere, the negative feedback mechanism in the hydrologic cycle, that’s hydro logic, so clearly no logic in the irrational so-called science of the global warming movement which seeks to further impede the growth of businesses.

    Checkout please http://climatedepot.com to see the laughable (if not so destrucitve) hijinx of those (such as the ridiculous Al Gore) in the global warming movement; bad science being used seeking the destruction of free markets and innovation in America and around the world, a travesty for which there is no good scientific reasoning.  There is no danger of a new ice age either (another mantra from other manmade climate change alarmists), because the ice age (according to hydrology 101) could have been caused by only geothermal heating of the world ocean, that was Noah’s Flood obviously, by the “fountains of the great deep,” read about what happened in its aftermath at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.  Good science, old school man.

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