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    While the christophobic darwinists aggressively (yet vainly) attempt to marginalize the clear history in the book of Genesis (the foundational book of the Bible), our asleep-at-the-wheel christian leaders meekly counter that the darwinists may be correct that the earth and universe are billions of years old, certainly undermining the crediblity of the rest of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ himself who said that Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood were the real deal; our reluctant christian leaders’ limpness unfortunately playing into the hands of those christophobes obviously pursuing the marginalization of christianity from the public discourse.

    Yet ancient global flood legends from over six hundred tribes (documented by Sir James Frazer and others) indicate the veracity of the notion that Noah’s Flood did in fact cover the earth, so what do the darwinists and seemingly complicit christian pastors and preachers say about all this?  Nothing at all, as we know, they ignore this anthropological evidence, and too the very compelling scientific evidence (http://globalflood.org and http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html), while more than half of all Americans (and maybe the world?), according to Gallup polling, believe the Genesis account as plainly written, so clearly the christian leaders are not really leading at all for the very foundation of the Bible.

    The many legends too about the end of the ice age, such as the flooding of Kumari Kandam, the Rama empire, the Black Sea basin, Hiva land in the Pacific, and Atlantis (see category Submerged Ruins Atlantis at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com) certainly confirm the limited sea level rise when the ice age icepacks melted off most of the continents to rush into the sea, yet these legends too are ignored by the darwinists and the pastors who don’t seem to care, very strange, these leaders in christendom and the christophobic darwinists seemingly complicit in their attempts to erase genesis history from public awareness.

    Of course with the history in the book of Genesis comes the reality that dinosaurs (dragons) have coexisted with humans throughout the history of humankind (the human syngameon), demonstrably true in the Bible with such as Bel the dragon of Babylon in the book of Daniel, and the Behemoth in the book of Job who lived in Uz/Uzbekistan during the ice age, yet the willfully ignorant christian pastors would have us believe those accounts are also false, really never discussing the implications of those dragons in biblical history after Noah’s Flood, and in secular history as well, seeing http://ldolphin.org/cooper/contents.html.

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