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    As the highly anticipated year 2012 a.d. rapidly approaches, the upcoming year when the new agers are expecting big changes because of supposed dramatic changes of physcial cosmic forces which ostensibly will change human behavior for the good (after much purging trauma), the church (body) of Jesus Christ will be going forth as always preaching the Good News to all who will listen in these troubled times, while the forces of specious darwinism and occultism in full rebellion will counter vainly trying to discredit the clear history written in the Bible, chief among the targets the book of Genesis, the foundational scriptures of the Bible.

    If you are a believer (born again) in Jesus Christ, the Word, then what do you say to the mocking skeptics when they ask you where in the Bible do you think real history begins to have been recorded?  If you are well versed in the scientific, archaeological, and literary confirmations of even the book of Genesis, you can then say with enthusiastic confidence that real history begins at Genesis 1:1, prepared then to hit ’em hard with a rapid fire of confirmations which will leave them dazzled or fully befuddled in their quest to tear down the precepts of the Bible.

    But if you are not well versed in many of the truly powerful evidences confirming even Genesis, you will be forced to say that real history begins to have been recorded not at the clearly described global flood of Noah’s time, but perhaps at the time of Abraham, or Moses, or even being so unconfident as to meekly offer at the time of kings David and Solomon, at which point the brainswashed darwinian mockers will “run you right out of the gym,” after all, why not fake history all the way up and through the time of Jesus Christ’s “supposed” incarnation?

    So now do you see why it’s so important to be prepared to give many good reasons to believe all of the Bible?  Jesus Christ himself referred to literal Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood, so do you really want to present your savior as a liar?  How effective is that for global evangelism in this time when people are earnestly seeking answers?  It’s disgusting that the vast majority of pastors and preachers are not prepared to fully explain all of the scriptures to the mocking world just looking for excuses not to believe, yet with simply clear presentations that all of scripture can be demonstrated true, the world would stand in awe.  Help get out the message, refer to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and note the translation feature there in all the major languages.

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