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    The thickness of the earth’s crust is analogous to the thickness of the skin on an apple, and beneath the earth’s crust is the mantle material, plastic flow molten rock under great pressure with much compressed steam, vented explosively during volcanic eruptions on the seafloor through the midoceanic ridges and on land from terrestrial volcanos, so during the runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood, the prodigious amounts of compressed steam from great depth released was the source of water for the flood, the “fountains of the deep,” the forty days and nights of rain having been merely vented water blasted high into the air then having fallen down as rain for forty days and nights, until the floodwater had deepened to a level having then buffered the blasting of the water into the atmosphere to fall down as rain for forty days and nights.

    When you realize that the runaway plate tectonics (perhaps kicked-off by a meteor impact as cited in some ancient legends) caused the uplift of today’s mountain ranges of compressed flood-sedimentary layers when continental plates crashed into each other (such as for the Himalaya uplift), that the mockers of the book Genesis say the flood must have covered today’s mountain ranges is rendered specious, as the floodwater slid of the thickening continents at the close of the flood year into then the deepening ocean basins, which deepened because the new lava seafloor was cooling to have become more dense to then sink down atop the molten mantle material below from which the fountains of the deep had emitted through what now are the midoceanic rift zones.

    The fossil record reflects the rapid entombment of billions of creatures during Noah’s Flood, most of those creatures predictably marine creatures, because the land creatures retreated from the rising floodwater to eventually drown and decay above the sediments laid down below during that catastrophic event anciently recalled by hundreds of people groups, the progeny of the eight humans, of the human syngameon, who survived that flood described most accurately in the book of Genesis.  Global geology actually confirms the flood, when honestly analyzed, after all sedimentary means laid down in water, up on the continents, certainly Noah’s Flood.  Read more about all this at http://globalflood.org and http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, and for the ancient history after the flood, checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, certainly the science of the future, old school man.

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