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    Why were those millions of animals, many of them wooly mammoths (elephants), frozen in the permafrost tundras along the arctic ocean of the far north?  Frozen there with the carcasses are the remains of the prolific vegetation upon which those elephants and other large animals fed, it was a land of pastures and forests, obviously from a time when the winters were much warmer, when rainfall abounded, for streams and rivers to meander through those lush envrions during the ice age.

    For that lush environment where now is frozen tundra, a land of subzero temperatures much of the time, the arctic ocean nearby during the ice age was much warmer, to have produced the dense cloudcover which insulated the far north during the winter, and caused the rainfall year ’round to have produced that green land of of pastures and forests, evidenced in the frozen debris now found in the permafrost tundra.

    The animals there during the ice age were swept away by devastating floods when the ice age ended, the meltwater having entombed those creatures with the plantlife upon which they were sustained, then rapidly frozen, but why?  Because the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, the insulating cloudcover (from evaporation off the warmer ocean of the ice age) was greatly dissipated such that the cool winters suddenly became frigidly cold as today, the entombed creatures in the meltwater sediments then having been rapidly frozen, not to be thawed ever since (except somewhat during unusually warm summers).

    The darwinists have no reasonable explanation for the frozen creatures from a lush environment now in the frozen tundra of the arctic regions, but with the young earth creationism template, it all makes sense, the warmer ocean for the ice age having been in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, the source of the water for that global catastrophe having been the fountains of the deep, geothermally heated, the engine for the ice age.  Refer to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for more about all this, clearly to befuddle your darwinist associates, so have at it.

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