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    Why do the bibliophobic darwinists insist that their classificaton term species actually has genetic classification value?  It’s because that if they’d admit the great hybridizing potential among many species, such as among llamas, alpacas, and camels, the darwinists then would have to admit that only about 20.000 syngameons (not species) of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark.

    So when you then consider that Noah’s Flood did not cover the current mountain ranges because those ranges rose through the receding flood waters at the close of the flood (see http://globalflood.org), the whole darwinian timeline is exploded, as the radioisotope dating methods are greatly flawed, with “good readings” deemed to be only those matching the darwinists’ timeline, and not mentioned either that coal, diamonds, and oil contain significant amounts of carbon 14 proving that they are only thousands of years of age.

    Hard to imagine for many is that the book of Genesis in the Bible is real history, yet Jesus Christ himself certainly indicated that the people, events (such as Noah’s Flood) and timeline of Genesis is absolutely reliable history, but millions of self-professed christians seem to be calling Jesus a liar in their ignorant disbelief of Genesis history, which obviously plays into the hands of the bibliophobes who would have all believe that Genesis is nonsense, and therefore, that the rest of the Bible should logically not be believed either?

    See more proof at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and please refer it to those skeptics of Genesis you know, bibliophobic darwinsists and self-professed christians who are underming the belief by others in the Bible through their ignorance of the fact that Genesis is real history to believe, as is the rest of the Bible.

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