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    When you read hindu journalist Michael Cremo’s landmark book Forbidden Archaeology, you’ll see that humans and their tools were entombed in sedimentary rocks dating back to the Cambrian period, supposedly 500,000,000 years ago.  Cremo documents conclusively hundreds of finds by miners, archaeologists, and other professionals, in modern times dating back to the 1800’s, hundreds of them, really proving that humans have been around since the sedimentary column began to be deposited.

    The key to all this is that sedimentary means laid down in water, which Cremo knows, but being a practicing hindu, he doesn’t see that Noah’s Flood was the cause, because he sees cycles of time of millions of years chronicled by humans going back hundreds of millions of years, yet those cycles of time were conjured up from the ancient mapping method simply explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com/article.html, those hindu cylces of time called yugas denominated by the base six number 864,000, that’s ten times the number of modern seconds in a day, seconds which the ancients did not measure, but when you view the information in the link, you’ll see that the number was based upon timekeeping from precession, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis.

    Cremo is aware of the vedic hindu Flood of Manu, which according to legend covered the whole world as did Noah’s Flood, they were same flood, which devastated the old world, having then deposited thousands of feet of flood sediments upon the continents, then our current mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood when the water slid off the continents into the then deepening ocean basins because of runaway plate tectonics during the flood year.  Cremo has proven that humans lived throughout geologic history, thus demolishing darwinian theory, but without young earth creationism as the chronological template, he is clearly left out on a limb of quandry.

    So the Bible is the answer to all this, not surprisingly to those of us who believe that Jesus was serious when he speaks from the Word, now read more about after the flood at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, making sense of all the evidence against darwinism with the biblical template, from the book of Genesis and even the Exodus too, the Exodus when the ice age was ending, the time that ancient Egypt dried out and the sea level rose to have consumed ice age port cities such as Heraklion and Menouthis found now off the egyptian coast.

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