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    The fascinating Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings compiled by Charles Hapgood in that great book have flummoxed mainstream scientists and historians for decades now; medieval maps drawn from very ancient source maps indicating that global navigators were plying the oceans of the world during the ice age, which is painfully unthinkable to ignorant mainstream academicians, so they really have no explanation for the “anomalous” maps, remaining all but silent on the subject, just ask them, then prepared to fill in the blanks for them with the groundbreaking information at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Refer to the Piri Reis map for instance, showing the shoreline of South America and Antarctica in remarkable detail, the very ancient source maps obvioulsy spliced together in ignorant style because the medieval navigators such as Piri Reis had never been there, only the ancient source maps in their possession to have been put together.  So who had really sailed initially to the south Atlantic to have drawn those coastlines in such great cartographic detail?

    Plato wrote in his Atlantis story that the Mediterranean Sea was just a harbor compared to the great ocean beyond, the Atlantic, named after Atlas (a son of Posidon who was Sidon son of Canaan), and beyond it he wrote was a great contintent to which the Atlanteans had navigated.  There is the answer for the source maps of the ancient sea kings, they were Atlanteans, later known as Phoenicians, who after the ice age assisted the Hebrews from the time of the Judges through and past the time of King Solomon with the Ships Tarshish spoken of in the Bible.

    Tarshish was later called Tartessos, a great mining kingdom of the ancient world, the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains of southern Spain the source of those mineral riches, those the mountains to the north of the Atlantean plain of which Plato wrote.  Of course Tarshish was a great grandson of Noah in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, and Eber of the line of Shem was the namesake of the Iberian Peninsula (what Plato called a nesos like the Peloponnesos), so the biblcial template provides all the answers, much to the darwinists’ chagrin.

    The solving of this long-standing Atlantis mystery is a great key for global christian evangelism, demonstrating to the world that the Bible has all the answers, while the mainstream scientists are left gasping for breath with no answers at all.  Explainng too the submerged megalithic ruins on the Bahama Banks off Bimini and other islands there, the biblical template illustrates that those ruins were from ice age times, before the sea level rose to consume the city of Atlantis (now submerged about thirty miles south of Cadiz, Spain) and Atlantean outposts such as on the Bahama  Banks across Plato’s great western ocean, submerged since the end of the ice age circa 1500 b.c.

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