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    Bibliophobes stubbornly insist to say that “proto canaanite” was the first ancient writing script to utilize an alphabet, yet actually more ancient “paleo hebrew” writing used essentially the same letters of that alphabet (all consonants), dating far further back than the canaantie writing, proven by that all of the early portions of Genesis (long before Canaan lived), except the account of the six days of creation, were written by eyewitnesses (http://genesisveracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm), surely making it clear that Canaan learned the alphabet from his father Ham who was a son of Noah of true global flood fame.

    Many of the Dead Sea Scrolls were copies of the book Genesis, those copies written circa 300 b.c. and thereafter, mostly in the “paleo hebrew” script, demonstrating that the content of the book of Genesis has not changed through millenia, so we can know that all of the Bible has not changed, the other books of the old testament represented in those Dead Sea Scrolls bearing testimony.  The aramaic language and script of Aram, a son of Shem, was mostly used to write the books of the Old Testament during the Second Temple period, after the conquered Jews had been taken to Babylon, then returned, yet the copies of the “proto hebrew” writing were maintained for posterity.

    Of course the Phoenicans by led Cadmus and his brother Phoenix circa 1200 b.c. brought that alphabet to the people of the Mediterranean, the Greeks, Etruscans, and later the Latins, having added vowels for their applications of it to their languages, while all along it had been the Hebrews, named after Eber (six generation after Noah), who were responsible for carrying that writing scheme to the world, the Canaanites having merely borrowed it, then the Phoenicians, whose ancestry was mostly canaanite, distributed it by sea.  Read more about the post Flood world at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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