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    Modern Brits have pioneered the notion that the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate, its rate of precession, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis at the rate of 72 years/degree against the backdrop of the stars while it spins and rotates around the sun, pioneering british investigators such as Graham Hancock and Crichton Miller, who has even patented a navigational device predicated upon the precession mapping method here http://iceagecivilizations.com/articles/article02.htm, yet they refuse to acknowledge this derivation for the length of the ancient royal cubit and olympic foot because it was deduced by a young earth creationist, so please help spread the word.

    The problem for bibliophobes such as Hancock is that should they acknowledge the derivation for the ancient metrics explained in the link, then ET’s or some other alien intelligence need not have been responsible for the Great Pyramid of Giza’s precise alignment to true north nor its dimensions reflecting scientific knowledge of the exact size of the earth, unthinkable to darwinists such as Hancock and Miller, they remain mum about the finding, so please ask them to acknowledge the finding, which then of course will lead them to admit that mere humans measured the earth precisely during the bronze age, which was the ice age, hence the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings compiled by Charles Hapgood.

    Maps such as the Zeno Map and the Oronteus Finaeus Map show that the ancient source maps for those medieval maps were drawn early in the ice age, proving that the ice age actually occurred much later than the darwinists are telling us.  And Hancock has documented many submerged ruins of bronze age vintage, confirming that the bronze age was the ice age, yet he continues to insist that the ice age ended about 10,000 years ago, leaving a gap of over 5,000 years between that time and the timeframe of the Great Pyramid and the other great megalithic structures of the ancient world, many of them now submerged on the shallow seafloor since the end of the ice age really circa 1500 b.c.

    The world needs to know that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below could have been the cause for the ice age, therefore in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, hence the silence about all this in the mainstream scientific community, so equipped with information such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the now mostly ignorant scientific community can become enlightened about the real history of the ancient world, necessitating of course the re-writing of textbooks, yet as they themselves say, good science is a process, the bad thrown out when superior models are established, the darwinian paradigm and timeline now found seriously void of factual basis.

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