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    Luke-warm christians and others who are not really christians, in bed with the darwinists, will tell you that the book of Genesis in the Bible is just mythology, then that real history picks up further down the road of what they obviously do not consider holy writ.  Now follow the logic; if Noah’s Flood as plainly described in the Bible is not real history, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 falls apart, after all, if not only the eight survived the flood which the Bible clearly says covered the entire earth, then all the nations which emerged following the flood were not the progeny of just the eight, when but the Bible in the Table of Nations clearly portrays that all of humanity after the flood were the progeny of the eight.

    And if as the luke-warm christians and those not really christian at all say for instance that real history begins with the time Abraham, then what supposedly is wrong with the historicity of his father Terah, namesake of Tehran and the Turan basin in the middle east?  Or when they say real history begins at the time of the prophets in the iron age, then what’s ostensibly wrong with the historicity of Tarshish (great grandson of Noah), who mined the Sierra Morena mountains of southern Spain during the bronze age, and what about Solomon (Salomon), whose name was renowned in southern Spain and who traded via the Ships of Tarshish?

    Do you see the intellectual conundrum for the deniers of ancient biblical history?  The Bible is the total package, you can’t take some of it then eschew the rest, considering too that Jesus Christ treated Genesis history as the real history which it is, so what self professed believer of the Bible wants to call Jesus (the Word) a liar?  And knowing that the atheists and other skeptics of the Bible, such as the darwinists, see Genesis as the Bible’s achilles heel, what believer would not seek out reasons to believe all of the Bible, referring to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com?

    Lest you think that dinosaurs known anciently as dragons never could have lived at the same time as did humans, then think again, seeing now please http://ldolphin.org/cooper/ch10.html, remembering too that in the Bible, the Behemoth lived at the time of Job in the land of Uz (today called Uzbekistan), and Bel the Dragon was revered in ancient Babylon at the time of the prophet Daniel, only four hundred years before the incarnation of Elohim, the son Jesus Christ, prophecied throughout the old testament, which surely is a great continuum of real ancient history.

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