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    If only the bibliophobically stubborn linguists and script deciferers puzzling over the long lost languages and writing systems of the ancient world would utilize the template provided in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, they would then discover the keys to solving the heretofore frustrating mysteries of the lost languages and writing systems.

    The undecifered Etruscan language of iron age Italy is an offshoot of Pelasgian, Peleg of the line of Shem in the Bible, Pellazg the ancient sea god of the Albanians, the archaic Albanian language which is very similar to ancient Etruscan.

    The language of the kingdom of Kush, a son of Ham, is manifested in the Beja language of the Bedouins of the Horn of Africa today, that language little doubt which is spelled out with the undecifered Meroitic script of the ancient land of Kush.

    The language of the undecifered Indus Valley script of India is vedic Sanskrit, the symbols of the script pictograms which were replaced circa 1500 b.c. when the Semites of the line of Shem arrived with the semitic alphabet then applied to that Indo European language whose key to deciferment is in the name of the submerged city of Kususthali, the thalassocracy of Kush.

    And the mysterious RongoRongo language and script of distant Easter Island, having one third of its pictograms common to the script of the undecifered Indus script, therefore is clearly related to the Indo European vedic Sanskrit, half way around the world, that dispersion of the language all the way across the Pacific however enabled anciently by the precise precession method, http://iceagecivilizations.com/articles/article02.htm.

    Surely an embarassment to the darwinian linguists is that the Bible is the key to the lost languages and scripts of the ancient world, but no surprise to christians who know that the history laid out in the book of Genesis is to trust, seeing the big picture here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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