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    All but biblical scientists scratch their heads about what caused the ice age?  Typically you’ll hear that it was colder during the ice age, yet almost everybody knows that if the polar regions were even colder than today, then even less snow would fall in those extreme latitude regions which now are technically deserts; little snowfall occurs there because the super cold air can hold little water to have formed the cloudcover necessary.

    And we all know about the frozen mammoths in the tundra of the far north, entombed and frozen in mud from the time when they fed on the lush vegetation found with their remains, obviously having been flooded in meltwater from the end of the ice age then frozen, so what caused the climate change, and how could the polar regions have hosted those vast herds of large mammals which fed luxuriantly in green pastures with forests and streams there abounding?

    For the ice age, there must have been dense cloudcover, now not seen in the polar regions because of the intense cold, that cloudcover necessarily by evaporation off the ocean, so the ocean must have been heated from below, and that was Noah’s Flood, the ice age in its aftermath, when the fountains of the deep had caused the great flood, at its end when the mountain ranges rose as the ocean basins sank to receive the water which slid off the continents ending Noah’s Flood.

    A warmer ocean heated from below is the only way to explain the ice age, yet because it’s biblical, it’s ignorant by mainstream scientists, yet they can’t escape the truth of this hydrology, so as long as they deny the biblical explanation for the ice age, they will remain clueless about the cause of the ice age.

    So this biblical explanation hand-in-glove explains the catastrophic climate change known to archaeologists which ended the bronze age, in reality which was the ice age, its end when the deserts of the world began to form, leaving for instance the lost Kingdom of Yam, a trading partner of ivory and timber for ancient Egypt, now stranded in the Sahara desert five hundred miles to the west of the Great Pyramid.

    Legendary Atlantis went under when the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c., not coincidentally the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt when the climatic calamities struck that great ancient kingdom, never again to regain its previous greatness, for the land was forever changed, most of it having become desert, when too the ice age icepacks melted off the polar regions and high elevations.

    That was the time that the mammoths were flooded out in the mud, then their caracsasses with the lush vegetation frozen, because the ice age cloudcover had dissipated such that the winters thenceforth in the polar regions became much colder than during the ice age.  Read more at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see that good science and biblical history certainly are mutually inclusive, the science of the future, old school man; many answers in biblical context.

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