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    When anyone soberly reads Genesis 6: 7 and then Genesis 6: 17, how can it honestly be denied that the author intends to communicate that Noah’s Flood covered the entire earth?  Really pathetic are the disingenuous old earth creationists who act as if what’s written there is intended to describe the flood of some swollen river or limited sea level rise, when ‘though the holy text purposefully states that all air breathing creatures on the earth save those on the Ark would be destroyed?

    Of course those creationists (and darwinists) who try to shoehorn billions of years without the real Noah’s Flood into biblical history are hanging their hats on their vain imagination that dinosaurs, known anciently as dragons, were extinct millions of years before the appearance of the human kind, yet when you read the material at http://genesispark.com, you’ll see that their contention is baseless, and that they ignore the evidence revealing their intellectual dishonesty.

    Jesus Christ incarnate spoke about the real Noah’s Flood, and the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 from which all the people of the world descended is predicated on the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, including the ancient lineage of the Messiah through the progeny of Noah’s son Shem, so if Noah’s Flood was not as clearly described in the Bible, then the Table of Nations is out the window too, clearly not the case however, with such as Kush, Aram, Canaan, Ham (Cham), Sidon (Posidon), Eber (Iberia), Peleg (Pelasgians), Javan (Ionians), Tiras (Thrace), Japheth (Seskef), and Uz (Uzbekistan) labled all over the ancient world.

    And considering that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below could have been the cause of the ice age, it makes you wonder just how sincere are those old earth creationists who act like they can’t wrap their heads around these obvious facts of science and history.  If the Noah’s Flood and then the Table of Nations are out the window, then should not too be the lineage of Jesus Christ as clearly written in the Bible?  Read much more about all this at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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