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    Biblical apologist Larry Taunton is confronting the doubting world in his proponing the veracity of the biblical account of history, maintaining that the Bible is full truth, the Word of God, inspired by the creator Elohim, in dramatic debate formats in America and England, now having confronted such as the late Christopher Hitchens, Peter Singer, and Richard Dawkins, all darwinists who would have us believe that the Holy Bible is historical rubbish dreamed-up by some sun-stroked iron age shepherds in what they would certainly not call the Holy Land.

    Yet Taunton has yet to present Genesis as it clearly reads, deferring instead to Oxford math professor and christian John Lennox who believes the darwinian timeline, but not that humans evolved from lower forms of life, surely a difficult position to defend from a biblical standpoint when you read the book of Genesis clearly describing six days of creation only about six thousand years ago, the ages and lineages of the patriarchs revealing that timeframe for the creation of the heavens and the earth there in the foundational book of the Bible.

    The aggressively evangelical teacher and debater Taunton obviously however seems not satisfied that the book of Genesis describes real history as it reads, although indeed he held a conference last year where young earth creationist Terry Mortenson of Answers in Genesis was allowed to present the case for young earth creationism against old earth creationist Hugh Ross, yet in presenting John Lennox to represent expertise for the veracity of Genesis, Taunton is ceding Genesis to the darwinists, Lennox denying the global flood of Noah’s time and so rendering the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 without historical import.

    So if Noah’s Flood and then the Table of Nations is not real history to believe, what does a christian say about when “real history” begins to be reported in the Bible, at Abraham, Moses, or with David and Solomon?  Do you see how the integrity and continuity of the Bible falls apart if you deny the clear history recorded in the book of Genesis?  Such as Lennox and Taunton thus far have been playing into the hands of those seeking to deny the truth of the Bible in denying that the book of Genesis is real history as clearly written, so let’s set the record straight with material such as at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, plainly demonstrating the science of the future, old school man.

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