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    The Hindus say that the earth is billions of years old, based upon their measure of time Yugas, thousands of them in blocks of 864,000 years, but how do they know those cycles of time, clearly predicated on the earth’s axis wobble rate, really went back that far?  And the records of the Mayans show that they counted back Suns of time far into the past as well, based on the mayan “long count,” billions of years in a few of their records, so too how did they supposedly know that the earth has been around that long?  Who was there to know?

    The earliest date for humans’ understanding of time and counting according to the darwinists would have been only hundreds of thousands of years ago, a million or two at most, so how could have it really been known that the earth is ostensibly billions of years old?  The darwinists say that radioisotope dating of rocks proves that the earth is billions of years old, yet how do they really know what were the initial amounts of radioactive material in the rocks?  And then how do they know that the radioactive decay rates have not changed through time?  And how do they know that radioactive material has not been leached out of the rocks?

    When you take a few simple measures, actually knowable, then you can see that the earth is much younger than what the darwinists and the Mayan and Hindu religionists are saying, for instance the erosion rate by water of soil down streams and rivers then off the continents into the sea indicates that the continents would have been leveled to sea level within 15 million years, and the oceans filled to the brim with sediments within 80 million years if there were enough land above sea level to have been eroded into the ocean to fill it, so why are we not told these things?  You know the answer, “darwinism is true,” right?

    Since human record-keeping goes back only about 6,000 years (see http://genesisveracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm), and because good science such as noted in the previous paragraph proves that the earth is much younger than the bibliophobically imaginative darwinsts and other religionists want to believe, then it’s incumbent that christian believers of the Word, the whole Bible, point all this out to the world, beginning with your friends and other associates in day-to-day life, refering them to solid scientific material such as http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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