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    The orthodox jewish world is on the verge of fully realizing that the book of Genesis history is real, not merely allegoric nor symbolic, but the actual timeline of world history, dutifully recorded and passed down through the generations by the earliest patriarchs meticulously noted in Genesis (see http://GenesisVeracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm), which of course flies in the face of many Jews in academia, yet when they read through the evidence that their history is real, they surely will change their minds!

    Jewish rabbis and their followers have been taught that the creation of the earth and universe was 5,772 years ago, of course seen merely as allegory by the jewish darwinist elites in academia, but when they come to see that the time of the Exodus was actually the time of the end of the Ice Age, when Thera was erupting for the sooty dark sky seen by Moses and the Jews escaping Egypt, as noted by jewish documentarian Simcha Jacobovici in his Exodus Decoded, and really confirmed by Harvey Weiss’s work at Yale on the catastrophic bronze age climate change, then Jews around the world will see that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., the Ice Age having been caused by the warmer ocean at the close of Noah’s Flood, it’s only hydrology 101 (see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com).

    Professor Richard Freund of the University of Hartford and Jacobovici produced a documentary about the submerged ruins off Spain’s southern coast, hypothesizing that was Atlantis, from too where the Ships of Tarshish noted in the book of Judges and later at the time of David and Solomon had come.  Yet not realizing that Atlantis (and the rest of the coastal cities worldwide during the Ice Age) went under circa 1500 b.c., they haven’t equated the work by Weiss for catastrophic climae change with the end of the Ice Age, nor Weiss yet making the connection.

    So when it’s realized by the jewish world that Genesis history is real history, and ‘though too that their date for the creation (according to the rabbis) is short by about 200 years, because the Seder Olam Rabah deliberately distorts the timeline from the prophet Daniel time to that of the Messiah’s incarnation, then they will see that all of the Bible is true, complete with Daniel’s prediction in chapter 9 that the Messiah would incarnate when he did, and so that the New Testament is real history as well, the Messiah due to return soon, what the orthodox Jews currently believe will be for the first time, yet clear prophecy manifesting.

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